Come on in and check out our Bridal Tea Party.

img_0046One of my dearest friends, Danlyn, is incredible at hosting, decorating, and throwing parties. I have always LOVED watching her pull off an event from start to finish. I tried to channel my inner Danlyn when I threw this Tea Party for my sister in law.

img_0041 One of Danlyn’s tips that she has passed on to me is think through what food you’re serving as you’re pulling things out. We even take sticky notes and map out what we are putting where ahead of time. It makes it so much easy to figure out what serving pieces you need and helps things run smoother during the crazy crunch time before guest arrive.

 img_0034 img_0044

 img_0036 img_0045

One of my favorite parts of this party was pulling in china from my mom, mother in law, grandparents, Danlyn, and antique stores. I LOVE when you get to mix and match pieces together. If I have learned anything from hosting this shower is that co-hosting is the way to go. This even would not of happened without my mom, mother in law, and cousin. My people just made the whole process FUN!

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Another easy hosting tip is to always add a personal touch. My sister in law LOVES her grandma, but she is unable to travel to the wedding. This banner is made from Grandma’s clothes. Now, Grandma’s  apart of all the wedding festivities. After the wedding, she could use the banner to decorate a future nursery or guest room. 🙂 You can also personalize things by adding pictures of the couple.


Thanks for stopping by and taking in a sip of our Bridal Tea Party.