I wish I could say that I love to be in the kitchen, but I don’t. It is a TON of work to cook/bake and then clean all while dancing around a toddler. When I’m baking in my sweat pants, my toddler always grabs the loose fabric and ends up face planting on the hardwoods.

That leads me to my first tip-when you are baking with a toddler, always wear tight pants. HaHa! (kind of joking- kind of serious)

In order to understand my next tip, you need to hear a little background. My sweet daughter is an adrenaline junkie and an adventure seeker which means all of our cabinets are childproof with magnetic locks. We have this plastic wrapped, magnetic key that unlocks all the cabinets. In the midst of a huge baking spree, this key is thrown everywhere. I may have already destroyed three of these keys. HOW?  The little, plastic magnet attaches to the metal pans without me noticing. After the pans are already in the open, I discover that another one just bit the dust. YIKES.

Tip number 2- Plastic melts in the oven. UGH!

Baking can make the biggest mess, but there is something about it that I LOVE. It is an INCREDIBLE feeling to watch my favorite people sit down to enjoy something that I made for them. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I used the BEST ingredients and choose their favorite flavors to fill their stomachs. Food has a way of bringing people together and giving you a moment to reflect on the gifts surrounding you at that very table.

This holiday season, I just want to encourage you as you are preparing meals in your kitchen. Make it fun. Turn up the music and turn off that critical voice inside your head. Embrace the chaos and the little babe wrapped around your leg. Sit on the floor to mix your ingredients, so your toddler can feel apart.

In the mess… CHOOSE JOY!


Blueberry Muffins, Whole Wheat Bread, & Cheesy Biscuits


Cheesy drop biscuits


Baking is hard work.