It’s a GIRL!


Millie is going to have a LITTLE SISTER!

It never fails. I am the worst at the gender gut feeling. Both times, I totally thought it is a boy. We found out at 14 weeks this time, so I’m looking forward to our 19 week scan. The entire growing a human thing absolutely blows my mind. The past two months have been full of highs and lows.

High- dreaming of our sweet girl

Lows- so many doctor appointments, establishing new normals in caring for diabetes, and accepting the high risk pregnancy status (I hope I can write a post soon with more details about my type one pregnancy.)


I feel like my belly has popped a lot faster with this pregnancy. I’ve been working hard to maintain control over my diet and continuing to exercise. For me, diet and exercise is KEY to blood sugar control. I have doubled my carb intake to make sure the babe is getting what she needs, and I now feel more pregnant in yoga when my belly has to be accommodated for in some poses.


Bradley and I decided to go on a little get away because Bradley had been traveling for work. It was one of those seasons where he was gone more than home. Savannah was a BLAST. We rode the ferry to River Street, ate lots of yummy food, and RELAXED. When it is just the two of us, our vacation style is totally chill. One of my favorite moments from this trip was eating pizza in bed.

One day we were exploring all the shops and Bradley wanted to try this cookie bar. You could taste a sample of their bite sized cookies. Bradley LOVED the cookies, but I had to spit the cookie out as soon as it touched my mouth. It was so strange! Next we went into a candy store where the smell left me gagging. Hmmm… at this point, it wasn’t so strange. I told Bradley that I thought I was pregnant, but he was able to convince me that it was all in my head. On the way home from Savannah, we were looking for food on a Sunday. If it wasn’t Sunday, Chick-fil-a would be a no brainer. As I found myself walking into Taco Bell, it was as official as a positive pregnancy test.

Wow!! My heart is still trying to soak in this HUGE miracle! If I’m honest it is very obvious that God is at work, but I’m still battling doubt. I keep pushing down the thoughts to guard my heart because I’m so early. I want to shout from the rooftop of God’s MERCY without these voices holding me back. I want to CELEBRATE what God did today without worrying about tomorrow. In my quiet moments with God, I hear Him whispering truths that He spoke over Joshua: BE STRONG & COURAGEOUS (not because of my ability but God’s ability). When I look at my giants, I want to see through the lens of what I can face with God on the front line. My giants don’t seem scary when I place them next to God’s strength.

As I begin this pregnancy with Type 1 diabetes, I want to share my journey in hopes that someone else in a similar journey can have someone who understands. I realized the other day that I felt alone because I didn’t know anyone who experienced obstacles that I experience. Well, we all have unique stories which means we are not alone. We are in this together.

I am a FIRM believer that pregnancy tests you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In knowing this to be true, I’m ready to fight back with God leading the way.

For my Type1 journey, I experience the most success with being thoughtful about what I eat and staying active. I’m not an expert but willing to share the highs and lows.

When I was pregnant with Millie, I felt silly taking belly pictures. Now, I wish I had more pictures of the insane way your body adapts to grow a sweet baby.

Well, here’s to the beginning of this precious adventure. Check out that awesome insulin pump keeping my sugars in check. 😜 Hope this leaves you encouraged by God’s strength and hopeful that God is still in the miracle business!

A little peek inside my kitchen

I wish I could say that I love to be in the kitchen, but I don’t. It is a TON of work to cook/bake and then clean all while dancing around a toddler. When I’m baking in my sweat pants, my toddler always grabs the loose fabric and ends up face planting on the hardwoods.

That leads me to my first tip-when you are baking with a toddler, always wear tight pants. HaHa! (kind of joking- kind of serious)

In order to understand my next tip, you need to hear a little background. My sweet daughter is an adrenaline junkie and an adventure seeker which means all of our cabinets are childproof with magnetic locks. We have this plastic wrapped, magnetic key that unlocks all the cabinets. In the midst of a huge baking spree, this key is thrown everywhere. I may have already destroyed three of these keys. HOW?  The little, plastic magnet attaches to the metal pans without me noticing. After the pans are already in the open, I discover that another one just bit the dust. YIKES.

Tip number 2- Plastic melts in the oven. UGH!

Baking can make the biggest mess, but there is something about it that I LOVE. It is an INCREDIBLE feeling to watch my favorite people sit down to enjoy something that I made for them. I get the satisfaction of knowing that I used the BEST ingredients and choose their favorite flavors to fill their stomachs. Food has a way of bringing people together and giving you a moment to reflect on the gifts surrounding you at that very table.

This holiday season, I just want to encourage you as you are preparing meals in your kitchen. Make it fun. Turn up the music and turn off that critical voice inside your head. Embrace the chaos and the little babe wrapped around your leg. Sit on the floor to mix your ingredients, so your toddler can feel apart.

In the mess… CHOOSE JOY!


Blueberry Muffins, Whole Wheat Bread, & Cheesy Biscuits


Cheesy drop biscuits


Baking is hard work.



Camping Adventures

A little camping adventure is the perfect way to welcome Fall.


Outdoorsy is not the first adjective that comes to mind if I am asked to describe myself. In fact, I don’t think you can be described as outdoorsy unless you have Chacos. Side note- After camping and hiking, I totally see the convenience. Chacos would have been the perfect companion for my 4AM bathroom runs to the outhouse.

Here’s a couple of tips for first time campers like myself:

  • Bring along GREAT friends to share in the thrills.
  • Pick friends that are experienced campers. 🙂
  • Make sure your tent is big enough for your air mattress to fit inside.

img_0055 img_0053

 img_0052 img_0054

  • Get to your campsite before dark
  • To add some coziness, string up some lights around your campsite. (You’re not aloud to add lights on the tress, so we put up rope and attached the lights to the ropes.)
  • Cook yummy meals. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

        img_0059   img_0083

  • Plan inspiring adventures.

 img_0060        img_0062

  img_0070         img_0072


  • Soak in all of the grand views.


“Lift my head to see your glory.” -Hillsong Young & Free

 img_0069 img_0080  img_0073 img_0051 img_0076 img_0077 img_0078

Hope you enjoyed the lighthearted camping tips. 🙂


A Cup of Tea

Come on in and check out our Bridal Tea Party.

img_0046One of my dearest friends, Danlyn, is incredible at hosting, decorating, and throwing parties. I have always LOVED watching her pull off an event from start to finish. I tried to channel my inner Danlyn when I threw this Tea Party for my sister in law.

img_0041 One of Danlyn’s tips that she has passed on to me is think through what food you’re serving as you’re pulling things out. We even take sticky notes and map out what we are putting where ahead of time. It makes it so much easy to figure out what serving pieces you need and helps things run smoother during the crazy crunch time before guest arrive.

 img_0034 img_0044

 img_0036 img_0045

One of my favorite parts of this party was pulling in china from my mom, mother in law, grandparents, Danlyn, and antique stores. I LOVE when you get to mix and match pieces together. If I have learned anything from hosting this shower is that co-hosting is the way to go. This even would not of happened without my mom, mother in law, and cousin. My people just made the whole process FUN!

img_0043  img_0038 img_0039  img_0037  img_0040

Another easy hosting tip is to always add a personal touch. My sister in law LOVES her grandma, but she is unable to travel to the wedding. This banner is made from Grandma’s clothes. Now, Grandma’s  apart of all the wedding festivities. After the wedding, she could use the banner to decorate a future nursery or guest room. 🙂 You can also personalize things by adding pictures of the couple.


Thanks for stopping by and taking in a sip of our Bridal Tea Party.


Hello Weekend!

Our labor day weekend was full of adventure, FIRSTS, and family.

Miller rode a tricycle for the FIRST time. 🙂 She absolutely LOVED it.

It’s safe to say that she played HARD and wore herself OUT. Millie is soaking in all the Daddy cuddles. She is such a Daddy’s Girl- but with a daddy like hers, who can blame her.  Bradley and I  are blown away that it has almost been a year since she entered our life. We are firm believers in snuggling and celebrating all the precious time we are given. It goes by so FAST!

Bradley and his father ran their FIRST 1/2 marathon today!

Miller found a friend! This girl was so sweet to her. She held her hand and walked around with her for 30 minutes. Oh and yes, I did forget her shoes. I guess that is what happens when you leave the house before the sun.

They did it!! I couldn’t be MORE proud.

Bradley even won third place in his age group! He was given a doughnut at the finish line, but his little girl probably ate half of it. haha! It’s hard work cheering on your daddy for over 13 miles.

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. – Audrey Hepburn

Let us run with PERSEVERANCE the race marked out for us!


Life’s a climb, but the view is GREAT.


“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”-Sir Edmund Hillary

   Wander in Wonder

When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the ROCK that is higher than I.

What inspires you?

Walk by Faith

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed getting outdoors and exploring. In the past couple of weeks, we have hiked up to The Indian Seats and walked on The Greenway. The journey up to The Indian Seats was beautiful, but the challenge it presented distracted me from soaking up the majesty all around me. I can’t help but think about how this can be true in life as well. We hit difficult seasons and get distracted from the gifts that surround us.


While walking on The Greenway, I was determined to not miss what was in front of me. Miller was sleeping, so I took the path slowly and soaked in the immense diversity, elaborate details, and unhindered light. I had to look up to capture this picture and unfix my eyes on where the path was leading. I’m so quick to reach for control and strive to know what’s ahead.

If I’m being transparent, I daily face both obstacles. My days are filled with wonder yet simultaneously full of trials. I’m eager to know what the future holds and grateful just to persevere. My challenge for you and for me is to release control, place our trust in someone greater, and find our strength from the source.



Back, Back, Back it UP

Way back in the day, I used to be a competitive cheerleader. I absolutely enjoyed everything about it and found myself at the gym everyday. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have reignited my love for going to the gym. Lately, I have been attending Yoga classes and creating my own workouts. Yoga has been so FUN, helped balance my sugars, and reminded me of my tumbling days. The rush of mastering new strength and balancing poses has got me hooked.

At Yoga the other day, we were challenged to do a backbend which used to be a piece of cake, but now I’ve found myself totally unable.  The last two weeks, I’ve been working on just lifting myself off the ground. Are you ready to see my progress?  backbend

Hopefully in another couple of weeks I will be able to straighten my arms and hold it longer.  What’s your fitness goals? How are you challenging yourself?

My Secret Weapon


Salted, Dark Chocolate Almonds- YUM

My sister-in-law is GETTING MARRIED! In our culture, it’s almost a requirement to celebrate with SUGARY GOODNESS. These salted, dark chocolate almonds are a HUGE help in fighting off food envy that comes with attending parties. The parties have desserts that are packed full of sugar, white flour, and many unknown ingredients. My almonds are a delicious treat, and I know what I’m getting myself into. A small handful of these will satisfy my sweet tooth without going overboard.

When you’re looking for your healthier alternative, make sure you do your research!

  • Read the nutritional information.
  • Be careful with heavily marketed brands- there may be better options available.
  • Compare the ingredients and nutritional facts.
  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the serving size. 🙂

I would love to hear your party tricks in the comments below.