Find what’s beautiful!

In daily struggles, it’s easy to get fatigued and frustrated. Why can’t diabetes be a one and done kind of obstacle? I want something to beat! I want a break or a cheat day! I don’t know why I have to endure this disease nor do I have much control, but I do have choices. I have a choice to find hope, to choose joy, to make healthy choices, and to allow God work through my pain.

Here are a few quick tips that I use when I start feeling weary.

  • head to the gym or take Miller on a walk
  • gain perspective by making myself more aware of the needs around me (Typically, I seem to stumble across someone else who is overcoming much greater obstacles than what I’m facing.)
  • journal or just share my grumbles out loud (When I hear my complaining, I can catch when I’m feeding myself lies.)
  • count my blessings
  • treat myself to something that will help motivate me to continue making healthy choices

What do you do to help pull yourself out of a slump?


Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Have any of y’all ever been on Pinterest only to walk away thinking, “ain’t nobody got time for that”? Maybe it is just me or the fact that I’m balancing cooking with a toddler between my legs, but I constantly reject recipes because it just seems IMPOSSIBLE. Well, my hope is to continue to post some meals that are YUMMY and EASY.

My current favorite meal is baked chicken, sweet potatoes, and veggies. You can switch it up to meet your taste buds. I use the Simply Organic Chicken Seasoning, but for the true cooks out there- do your thing (I just need a definite shake, pour, and taste great method.) I cut up my sweet potatoes to allow them to get more crispy and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Did you know cinnamon is suppose to help lower blood sugar? Finally, my veggies are complete with a little garlic salt. I LOVE my veggies to be crispy, and I cook all of this in just ONE PAN!

food2Confession: I’m not a detail person! I just bake on 400 degrees, keep an eye on it, and check the chicken temp to see when it’s finished.  Seriously, give this a try! I’m going to make this same dish for a couple that just had the cutest little baby boy. It’s that easy! Let me know how you season your food and thoughts on this recipe in the comments below.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.


Y’all my amazing husband just came home from completing a hike up the Keyhole Route on Longs Peak. I’m NOT an expert on what that means, but I’ve gathered that it’s a 14er and HARD. I couldn’t be more proud of him for taking on these adventures and pushing his body. He got home last night in the middle of chaos! I was putting Millie to sleep when my angel dog once again alerted me that I should check my sugars. It has been a huge adjustment learning to check my sugars while I’m in full mom mode. It’s extremely frustrating because I don’t want my health to take away from my time with her. My sugars dropped to 40 (my lowest thus far), and I had to press pause on our bedtime routine.

I had envisioned Bradley coming home with the baby in bed, hugging his neck, and him being excited about his balloon. Instead, he jumped right in to finish bedtime routine while I crash from feeling so sick.

This morning, I was determined to make up for last night and celebrate him with breakfast. Once again life happened, and things didn’t go as planned. Miller was past due for a nap when the food was ready, so this celebratory breakfast was more like a balancing act of setting the table, giving insulin, and comforting a screaming baby.

As I sit here, disappointed that nothing went as planned, I can’t help but smile at the picture of our breakfast. The truth is life can be INSANE at times and far from perfect. See the picture above didn’t give a pure reflection to what all went on behind the scenes.

My prayer is that this post can be an authentic peek into my life, allow you to laugh with me over the disastrous celebration, bring hope because perfection is over rated, and join me in discovering how to be grateful in the midst of failure.


Welcome to the Mess!


I’m taking a crazy leap of faith by starting up this blog. I’m NOT a writer and I’m NOT a photographer, but I believe in BEING JOYFUL IN HOPE. Join me as I learn to stand in light that is not overcome by darkness and learn new ways to make healthy living FUN.