Way back in the day, I used to be a competitive cheerleader. I absolutely enjoyed everything about it and found myself at the gym everyday. Since being diagnosed with diabetes, I have reignited my love for going to the gym. Lately, I have been attending Yoga classes and creating my own workouts. Yoga has been so FUN, helped balance my sugars, and reminded me of my tumbling days. The rush of mastering new strength and balancing poses has got me hooked.

At Yoga the other day, we were challenged to do a backbend which used to be a piece of cake, but now I’ve found myself totally unable.  The last two weeks, I’ve been working on just lifting myself off the ground. Are you ready to see my progress?  backbend

Hopefully in another couple of weeks I will be able to straighten my arms and hold it longer.  What’s your fitness goals? How are you challenging yourself?