Walk by Faith

Recently, I’ve really enjoyed getting outdoors and exploring. In the past couple of weeks, we have hiked up to The Indian Seats and walked on The Greenway. The journey up to The Indian Seats was beautiful, but the challenge it presented distracted me from soaking up the majesty all around me. I can’t help but think about how this can be true in life as well. We hit difficult seasons and get distracted from the gifts that surround us.


While walking on The Greenway, I was determined to not miss what was in front of me. Miller was sleeping, so I took the path slowly and soaked in the immense diversity, elaborate details, and unhindered light. I had to look up to capture this picture and unfix my eyes on where the path was leading. I’m so quick to reach for control and strive to know what’s ahead.

If I’m being transparent, I daily face both obstacles. My days are filled with wonder yet simultaneously full of trials. I’m eager to know what the future holds and grateful just to persevere. My challenge for you and for me is to release control, place our trust in someone greater, and find our strength from the source.



Find what’s beautiful!

In daily struggles, it’s easy to get fatigued and frustrated. Why can’t diabetes be a one and done kind of obstacle? I want something to beat! I want a break or a cheat day! I don’t know why I have to endure this disease nor do I have much control, but I do have choices. I have a choice to find hope, to choose joy, to make healthy choices, and to allow God work through my pain.

Here are a few quick tips that I use when I start feeling weary.

  • head to the gym or take Miller on a walk
  • gain perspective by making myself more aware of the needs around me (Typically, I seem to stumble across someone else who is overcoming much greater obstacles than what I’m facing.)
  • journal or just share my grumbles out loud (When I hear my complaining, I can catch when I’m feeding myself lies.)
  • count my blessings
  • treat myself to something that will help motivate me to continue making healthy choices

What do you do to help pull yourself out of a slump?