Y’all my amazing husband just came home from completing a hike up the Keyhole Route on Longs Peak. I’m NOT an expert on what that means, but I’ve gathered that it’s a 14er and HARD. I couldn’t be more proud of him for taking on these adventures and pushing his body. He got home last night in the middle of chaos! I was putting Millie to sleep when my angel dog once again alerted me that I should check my sugars. It has been a huge adjustment learning to check my sugars while I’m in full mom mode. It’s extremely frustrating because I don’t want my health to take away from my time with her. My sugars dropped to 40 (my lowest thus far), and I had to press pause on our bedtime routine.

I had envisioned Bradley coming home with the baby in bed, hugging his neck, and him being excited about his balloon. Instead, he jumped right in to finish bedtime routine while I crash from feeling so sick.

This morning, I was determined to make up for last night and celebrate him with breakfast. Once again life happened, and things didn’t go as planned. Miller was past due for a nap when the food was ready, so this celebratory breakfast was more like a balancing act of setting the table, giving insulin, and comforting a screaming baby.

As I sit here, disappointed that nothing went as planned, I can’t help but smile at the picture of our breakfast. The truth is life can be INSANE at times and far from perfect. See the picture above didn’t give a pure reflection to what all went on behind the scenes.

My prayer is that this post can be an authentic peek into my life, allow you to laugh with me over the disastrous celebration, bring hope because perfection is over rated, and join me in discovering how to be grateful in the midst of failure.