In daily struggles, it’s easy to get fatigued and frustrated. Why can’t diabetes be a one and done kind of obstacle? I want something to beat! I want a break or a cheat day! I don’t know why I have to endure this disease nor do I have much control, but I do have choices. I have a choice to find hope, to choose joy, to make healthy choices, and to allow God work through my pain.

Here are a few quick tips that I use when I start feeling weary.

  • head to the gym or take Miller on a walk
  • gain perspective by making myself more aware of the needs around me (Typically, I seem to stumble across someone else who is overcoming much greater obstacles than what I’m facing.)
  • journal or just share my grumbles out loud (When I hear my complaining, I can catch when I’m feeding myself lies.)
  • count my blessings
  • treat myself to something that will help motivate me to continue making healthy choices

What do you do to help pull yourself out of a slump?