Bradley and I decided to go on a little get away because Bradley had been traveling for work. It was one of those seasons where he was gone more than home. Savannah was a BLAST. We rode the ferry to River Street, ate lots of yummy food, and RELAXED. When it is just the two of us, our vacation style is totally chill. One of my favorite moments from this trip was eating pizza in bed.

One day we were exploring all the shops and Bradley wanted to try this cookie bar. You could taste a sample of their bite sized cookies. Bradley LOVED the cookies, but I had to spit the cookie out as soon as it touched my mouth. It was so strange! Next we went into a candy store where the smell left me gagging. Hmmm… at this point, it wasn’t so strange. I told Bradley that I thought I was pregnant, but he was able to convince me that it was all in my head. On the way home from Savannah, we were looking for food on a Sunday. If it wasn’t Sunday, Chick-fil-a would be a no brainer. As I found myself walking into Taco Bell, it was as official as a positive pregnancy test.

Wow!! My heart is still trying to soak in this HUGE miracle! If I’m honest it is very obvious that God is at work, but I’m still battling doubt. I keep pushing down the thoughts to guard my heart because I’m so early. I want to shout from the rooftop of God’s MERCY without these voices holding me back. I want to CELEBRATE what God did today without worrying about tomorrow. In my quiet moments with God, I hear Him whispering truths that He spoke over Joshua: BE STRONG & COURAGEOUS (not because of my ability but God’s ability). When I look at my giants, I want to see through the lens of what I can face with God on the front line. My giants don’t seem scary when I place them next to God’s strength.

As I begin this pregnancy with Type 1 diabetes, I want to share my journey in hopes that someone else in a similar journey can have someone who understands. I realized the other day that I felt alone because I didn’t know anyone who experienced obstacles that I experience. Well, we all have unique stories which means we are not alone. We are in this together.

I am a FIRM believer that pregnancy tests you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In knowing this to be true, I’m ready to fight back with God leading the way.

For my Type1 journey, I experience the most success with being thoughtful about what I eat and staying active. I’m not an expert but willing to share the highs and lows.

When I was pregnant with Millie, I felt silly taking belly pictures. Now, I wish I had more pictures of the insane way your body adapts to grow a sweet baby.

Well, here’s to the beginning of this precious adventure. Check out that awesome insulin pump keeping my sugars in check. 😜 Hope this leaves you encouraged by God’s strength and hopeful that God is still in the miracle business!